Short Kurtis

short kurtisWe Indians love everything Indian, don’t we?  From culture to cuisines to attires, we are most comfortable with the Indian touch.  Just like we love the Indian spices on our pizza we also love an Indian kurti over our pair of jeans and just like how the pizza has gone from Italy to all over the globe, our humble kurti is catching on. The popularity of the Indian kurti is because of its ethnic look and its versatility that allows it to blend with western bottoms. Not just the bottoms, the short kurtis are styled with western cuts too. The kurti is no longer restricted to women who wear only traditional Indian clothing; the latest ones are styled to appeal to women across cultures.

Designer kurtis for women are available in a range of styles. You can find the bold spaghetti strap kurti or the stunning halter neck style and that too with unique Indian prints. You should probably try taking these along on your next international holiday and we bet you will make heads turn, yes even in Paris.

The traditional ones have always been popular. They are very similar to the long kurtis except these are shorter in length. This allows you to team it up with ethnic skirts and stoles. The cotton and raw silk fabric ones are the most popular in this category.

Every dealer or manufacturer of Indian garments will have a variety of kurtis to choose from. You may also check out wholesale kurtis in Mumbai to obtain some great deals.

Leave the tshirts for your workout sessions but when you step out to socialize why not wear something feminine as the kurti and look beautiful. Pair your short kurtis with a matching pair of drop earings to complete the look and yes, smile, it will only make you look more beautiful.

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